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Find the best and most affordable health care in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. If you are fortunate to be a native, visiting, on vacation, or a medical tourist, Baja Medical Directory is the best source for locating doctors, clinics, and hospitals throughout Baja California.

Baja Medical Directory Baby Boomers

Baja Medical Directory Baby Boomers

Mexicans, Americans, and the World can discover quality health care in Tijuana and throughout Baja California, Mexico.

Consult directly with a doctor, clinic, hospital, wellness and fitness facility. We do not collect or store any medical information. There are no intermediaries between you and the facility.

Baja Medical Directory is free (GRATIS) for patients seeking medical care and a variety of services.

We are not a referral service. We cannot refer to a provider. Conduct your own research. A live chat operator is available to help you navigate this website.

In the event of an emergency, call for local help. Contact the nearest medical facility with family, friends, or consenting adults.
* Post emergency procedures next to your telephone.

Mexico Emergency Telephone: 911
United States Emergency Telephone: 911
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Atención médicos, clínicas, hospitales, wellness and fitness providers:

Baja California - Baja Medical Directory

Baja California – Baja Medical Directory

There are no commissions or hidden costs between you and your patients.

Your patients conduct due diligence. They contact you directly.

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About Our Medical Directories

Medical Directory consists of directories which promote the best and most affordable facilities in the world.

Medical Tourism permits patients to find options, alternative treatments and consider new medicine.

Based in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, Medical Directory is an online website and marketing firm. We specialize in digital online marketing.

A storefront is located in Pueblo Amigo right across the San Diego border.

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